August 2019

Althar Intense
Aug/Sep 2019


Althar Intense - March 2-4, 2018 near Arronches, Portugal


"There are favorable circumstances allowing an opening of consciousness to be easier.
This includes, in particular, when like-minded humans come together to share stillness.
There is a deep, transforming magic in the still gaze of humans which makes it much easier to let go, to enter into one's own emptiness, and also to choose to remain embodied."


This intense workshop offers the opportunity to dive deep into the discourses of Althar and to integrate them into daily life. It is an essential concern of the workshop to assist in opening up to one's true self and to let the accompanying expansion of consciousness become one's normal state of existence.
Depending on the composition of the group, we will focus on various aspects of the rich Althar material.


Friday,   March 2, 2018 ,  10:00 AM
End:   Sunday, March 4, 2018,  12:00 AM

There will be 3 to 4 sessions on Friday and Satuday, 2 on Sunday.

Price:    300 Euro when booking until February, 1, 2018
  350 Euro when booking after February, 1, 2018

The workshop is limited to 8 attendees to ensure a private and intense atmosphere.

All sessions will be conducted in English.

Seminar Location:
The sessions will take place at a private country house near Arronches:
Monte do Moinho dos Frades, Arronches, Portalegre
You will receive detailed driving instructions after registration.

Lodging / Food:
There are a number of hotels in a near driving distance. We recommend the Hotel Casa da Urra.
Coffee and tea are available in the country house and are included in the workshop fee. Meals and snacks can be found in various restaurants close by. There will be an optional farewell lunch on Sunday, and potentially a wine tasting for those interested.

Local Host:
Please feel free to contact Raquel Miranda for any questions regarding traveling and lodging. You can reach her via email at

"Now, after all these experiences, you approach your first real birth.
You are standing on the doorway to the Third Round of Creation. What an adventure!"


Workshop Registration March 2-4, 2018

Please note: The workshop is already fully booked. However, you may still register for the waitlist.

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